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12 Days of Germstar

       ‘tis the season for gift giving and here at Germstar we are committed to giving back to our loyal customers (and Instagram followers)! On twelve different days of this month we will be dropping exclusive deals from free gifts to 10% to 25% off certain products. If you are one of the fortunate blog readers, then you will get access to all the codes first!

Day 1: 15% off a purchase of $50 dollars or more! Use code: 15Holiday*

            This means anything and everything! Maxi Packs, Scent 25 Packs, Luxe and Refills, 12oz Dispensers and more!!

 *Code applicable from December 2nd to 4th 2019.

Day 2: 20% off any Scent 25 Pack. Use code: ScentHoliday*

            From Breeze to Tropical…our colorful, wonderfully smelling 2oz sanitizers are $52 dollars instead of $65! What a deal!!!

*Code applicable from December 4th to 6th 2019.

Day 3: Free 12 Pack of 8ml pens with a purchase of any 25 pack 2oz bottles. Use code: HappyHolidays*

            Need our most popular Noro formula for the chilly winter season? Worried you will get sick after a family gathering? Look no further…this is the deal for you! Our 2oz bottles make for the perfect purse companion or stocking stuffer.

*Code applicable from December 6th to 8th 2019.

Day 4: 15% off any Citrus products. Use code: GermFreeHolly*           

            Bummed it’s not Noro? Don’t be! Our Citrus formula is just a scented version of Noro. Perfect for the holidays and leaves a great lingering scent. Not to mention it is ANY citrus product! RUN don’t walk to this discount.

*Code applicable from December 9th to 11th 2019.

Day 5: Buy two Luxe products, get one for free. Use code: Buy2Get1*

            Give the gift of luxurious hand sanitizer! It’s the perfect gift for the luxurious person in your life. There are so many color options as well as the refill bottle. Nothing looks more glamorous than pulling a Luxe sanitizer our of your stocking, purse or pocket.

*Code applicable from December 11th to 13th 2019.

Day 6: 10% off any purchase of $50 dollars or more. Use code: 10Holiday*

            For those who do not want to be confined to a certain product…this is the deal for you! It will be the time to hurry up and get gifts for the holidays (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa).

*Code applicable from December 13th to 15th 2019

Day 7: When you purchase any 2 G2 Starter Kits, get a free 12oz Refill pack of your choice. Use code: G2Holidays

            As seen on Grey’s Anatomy! The G2 is a desk and tabletop classic. Get one for you and another for a loved one. These are the perfect gift for the worker bee in your life.

*Code applicable from December 16th to 18th 2019.

Day 8: Buy any G2 (12oz) dispenser you get a free Luxe product. Use code: LuxeHoliday

            The dynamic duo you never knew you needed. Mix and match or get a color matching combination of pink G2 dispenser and a pink Luxe! The options are endless this holiday season.

*Code applicable from December 18th to 20th 2019.

Day 9: Buy one Luxe get a Refill free. Use code: JoytoLuxe

            Bundle gift alert! Mix and match or get the set…this is the gift that keeps on giving! Get it for yourself, a friend, coworker or family member. It will not disappoint!

*Code applicable December 20th to 22nd 2019.

Day 10: When you purchase one starter kit, you get a free mini pack refill of your choice. Use code: JollyStarter

             Holly Jolly Holiday! Whether it’s a 12oz or 32 oz starter kit it does not matter! The deal is still applicable, as is the refill pack of your choice…these are a few of our favorite things!

*Code applicable December 23rd to 25th 2019.

Day 11: All Scented 6 Packs are 20% off. Use code: ScentedSale

            One of the most popular shopping days of the year (after black Friday of course) is the day after Christmas. If you didn’t get a chance to take advantage of our sales up to this point…now is your chance!

*Code applicable December 26th to 28th 2019.

Day 12: 15% off any product of $50 dollars or more. Use code: BeWell

            If you have made it this far congrats! We here at Germstar what to wish you wellness into the New Year and ensure that you are healthy in 2020. No matter what product you need we want to help you get there.

*Code applicable December 30th to January 1st 2020.