Posted on by Kathrin Hendrix

Practicing Healthy Habits…Don’t Preach ‘em

            In times of crisis we tend to burden ourselves beyond our own mental and physical capacity to maintain wellness. While it is important to know what healthy habits to practice, it is equally as important to commit them to muscle memory for those “fight or flight” germ moments.

  • Wash your hands! This is overly stated, but insanely important. Soap and hot water are the most common way to kill germs, and if you are unable to make it to a sink, ergo traveling disinfect!
  • Don’t Touch! More often than adults, but not by much, children tend to touch everything. Hand railings, every seat chair and even the floor. Lead by example and ensure that both you and your children keep your hands to yourself. Whether you are in an airport, train stations, subway or any sort of place where many people travel through daily.
  • Be Mindful if Sick! If you are the one who is sick: get better and keep it to yourself! The last thing you want to do is be responsible for a travel related outbreak. Not to say you are infecting every person around you, but if you are coughing, sneezing or wheezing, cough into your sleeve and wear a mask. Everyone around you will thank you for it!  

            Don’t live in fear but plan accordingly and be conscious of your surroundings. If you are in a confined space from anywhere between one hour to eighteen hours, but that does not mean you need be a worrisome traveler. Before you plan your trip, or even before you head to the airport…think about where you are going and who is going to be at the airport. Mental preparation will allow for a clear mind and will grant you the ability to be more present and pay attention to your surroundings.

            What can you do to help your travel and wellness safety? Check the CDC and State Department travel advisory lists. They have a search bar where you can find out the travel advisory level for your specific destination. For example, since February 4th, 2020 the State Department put a level four, which stands for DO NOT TRAVEL, on travel to China[1]. Otherwise, not all, but most countries fall under the levels 1 or 2, which are generally safe for travel.

Just because a country is safe to travel to does not mean you need to abandon all the tips listed above. People travel to and from all different places around the world. It is easier to assume everyone is sick and practice wellness than to act as if everyone is practicing healthy habits while travel. Be equipped with sanitizing options for the airplane, subway or train and …be well.


[1] Department of State. “China Travel Advisory,” Web. 2020.