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Flu season is upon us and it’s time to take germ control into our own hands. With the start of fall and the new school year germs spread faster than ever it is a must to develop good disinfecting habits. Washing hands on the go can be difficult, but with our pocket and purse-sized disinfecting products fighting off germs has never been easier. At Germstar we are proud to offer solutions to help fight any difficult or pesky invaders.

Worried that you can’t make it to a sink in time?

Not a problem! The use of any Germstar hand sanitizing products for a minimum of thirty seconds is equivalent to two minutes of washing your hands. Not only is it quicker, but more efficient and accessible on the go!

How to know which formula to use?

Well first and foremost, Germstar products should be used preventatively. Once infected, it can take up to two weeks to get rid of germs, fungi and other viruses if you start using Germstar hand sanitizers immediately. If hand sanitizers are used on a daily basis it will only take up to twenty seconds to eliminate the germs you come in contact with.

Original Formula

You can’t beat the original! The perfect product for on the go, everyday tasks and any sort of germ-related prevention.

Noro Formula

If you find yourself feeling ill, whether it be, the flu or a stomach virus it is time to disinfect ASAP with our Noro formula.  

Citrus Formula

Like the idea of feeling zesty clean and smelling like a citrus orchard? Then this formula is just for you! It provides the same germ fighting abilities as our Noro formula, but with a lingering, lovely citrus scent. It is a Team Germstar favorite!

A Key Reminder!

The most important thing you can do daily is limit the number of bad germs and bacteria you encounter! No need to rely on luck when you have the aid of Germstar!

...be well.


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