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Tuning in Germ Free

            Stars are just like us! They too need to worry about germs and illnesses. At Germstar we have outfitted many different television programs and films with our products! Some even like our sanitizer so much they use the actual prop on set. Featured on our Instagram (@Germstar_US) are some stock images of our products featured on the small screen. The same Meredith Grey you have dance parties with in your living room uses the 12oz and 32oz dispenser too! Watch your TV and be germ free too…with Germstar.

Products on the Small Screen

2oz Spray Bottle: Comes in Original, Noro, Citrus, Tropical, Juicy, Pink, Refresh and Breeze.

12oz Dispenser (G2): Available in white/smoke, white yellow, white/orange, white/pink, white/green, white/blue, black/yellow, black/orange, black/pink, black/green, black/blue, black/smoke and to pair with our Original, Noro, Citrus and Extra Mild Soap formula options

32oz Dispenser: Available with four different display options: wall mount (white/blue, chrome/blue, white/yellow, white/orange, black/smoke), drip trays (white/blue, chrome/blue, white/yellow, white/orange, black/smoke), floor stand (white/blue, black/smoke, gold/smoke, chrome/blue) and floor stand & drip tray (white/blue/white/white, white/blue/white/blue, black/smoke/black/smoke, chrome/blue/chrome/blue). Each 32oz dispenser can be fitted with any of our formula options: Original, Citrus, Noro, Extra Mild Soap, and Limonene Degreaser

Where to Find Germstar on the Small Screen

911, The Affair, Alexa & Katie, Are You Sleeping, Arrested Development, Blackish, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Criminal Minds, Dead To me, Dear White People, Dirty John, Greys Anatomy, Goliath, Grand Hotel, Hanna, How To Get Away With Murder, Jane The Virgin, Life In Pieces, NCIS, Shameless, Silicon Valley, Speechless, Station 19, This Is Us, Transparent and Various Commercials


            Tag us in any photos you see of Germstar featured products on the small screen! Make watching television more than just entertainment…seek adventure while you are viewing one of your favorite programs listed above. Who knows? You might get featured on any of our social media platforms in the future.


…be well