Posted on by Kathrin Hendrix

Welcome to our Loyalty Rewards Program!

              It is a new year and with that comes a new way to shop at Germstar. We just launched our first ever loyalty program to reward you for all the support and use of our products. Our rewards program simple and effective at getting you discounts at checkout!

Signing Up

              Sign up simple! When you access our home page there is a small floating tab in the bottom left corner that is blue and has a star with the word reward next to it. Once you click on the tab a small drop-down bar appears detailing the rewards program as well as the option to sign up. Click on the sign-up tab and we only ask for your name (first and last), preferred email and a password. That is it.

How do I earn a Reward?

There are three different ways to earn rewards through our loyalty program. The first being dollars spent, the second is based off brand engagement, thirdly, sharing Germstar with a friend and lastly, celebrating you. For each dollar you spend you get 3 points. Let’s say you were to get 3 Maxi Packs (6 count) for $159 each, if you sign up for our loyalty program you would receive 1,434 point.

The Breakdown

3 x $159= 477 dollars

477 x 3= 1,434 point

The second way is through brand engagement. What does look like? Following our social media accounts: Instagram (125 points) and Facebook (50 points). This not only gets you points toward your next reward, but also deals and giveaways only announced via our various social media pages. The third way is by referring us to a friend! This is mutually beneficial as both you and your friend after gifted $15 at checkout. The last way to earn points is by entering your birthday into your account information once you have signed up. This is a little more difficult to find, but once you click on the ways to earn tab and scroll to the bottom there is a place to enter your birth date which affords your 750 points.

What do I do once I earned them?

The more you spend the more you earn and here are the various ways to redeem!

$20 off when you reach 2,000 points.

$40 off when you reach 4,000 points.

$70 off when you reach 7,000 points.

Free Shipping when you reach 3,000 points.


Happy Spending and …be well.