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What to Do in a Time of Self Isolation

        The days feel longer and there are only so many walks you can go on and movies or tv shows you can binge watch. Whether you are self-isolating alone or practicing social distancing to the best of your abilities hopefully the tips listed below can help curb your potential for boredom during this time.

Creating a Space for Positivity (Spring Cleaning)

            Even though most people are spending more time within the confines of their home, the seasons still change, and spring cleaning can help curb boredom and promote a healthy mental state. In times of uncertainty and restlessness it is important to create a space that reflects the mentality one wishes to emulate.  A first, easy step toward a peaceful environment is possible by cleaning and decluttering. A clean home, apartment, or bedroom (depending on how much space your self-isolation allows) promote not only a healthy living space, but also headspace. Not only that, but it also takes up time and with most people working from home with a lot of time on their hands, cleaning kills two birds with one stone.

Baking (or Cooking)

            For the love of baking! If you are a master in the kitchen, then great…now is your time to test out new fun recipes. Should you be the kind of person who is somewhat lost in the kitchen now is still your time. Practice makes perfect and social distancing, quarantining and self-isolating makes for the perfect kitchen companion. To the amateur baker start off with something simple like banana bread or chocolate chip cookies! There are hundreds of recipes online as well as step by step videos that make it easy and nearly failproof.

            If you are going to bake or cook a lot during this time of self-isolation be sure to allow yourself grace and patience and wash your hands!!

Coloring, Painting, or any sort of Artistic Outlet

            Whether you want to sketch, paint, color in an adult coloring book, or do some sort of craft art is a wonderful outlet for boredom and any sort of stress you may feel during this time. Activities that require effort, time and result in a beautiful work of art are fulfilling. It is also something that you can start and stop at any time and can be done alone. If art isn’t your thing, don’t worry! There are plenty of other activities that can be done in quarantine. These are just some suggestions in case you have run out of activities that normally provide excellent stimulation.

Of course…Wash your Hands and Sanitize!

            Wash your hands for at least twenty seconds with soap and water as recommended by the CDC and WHO. If you are out and about, possibly headed to the grocery store or pharmacy, be sure to carry a hand sanitizer!

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…be well