Posted on by Andrea Rosney

As winter ends and the sun makes its return and winter-related illness is on the decline, people tend to ignore the reality that germs do not disappear as the weather clears. Although spring does not officially start until March 20th, the change that is brought on by daylight savings is indicative of warmer weather to come (for the most part). It is easy to think that allergies, generally related to pollen, are the only culprit for feeling under the weather; it is vital to have a defense against germs during the start of spring.

            Now it may be easy to discredit the need for a disinfectant being that the fresh air and warmer weather will be an aid to staying healthy, but it never hurts to be on the offense of germ control (especially in today’s climate).

            It’s out with the gloom and in with the bloom…get some color in your life to reflect the season. Why color do you ask? Because why not color! It’s a mood lifter and will bring some light into your life as you prepare for foliage to change. Luckily, we here at Germstar embrace that sentiment and have a plethora of options to satisfy your color palette. Let Germstar bring you into a world of color this spring.

Products for a Colorful, Vibrant Spring

2oz Scented Hand Sanitizer Spray Bottle (Retail: 6 Pack $20 & 25 Pack $65): Pick a color from our fragrant rainbow! Our Scented Noro variety is perfect for spring break travels or just a small pick me up. Color options are as follow: Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue with corresponding fragrances: Pink, Juicy, Tropical, Refresh and Breeze.

Luxe Hand Sanitizer & Refill (Retail: $10 Each): Not into bright colors, but still want to rejuvenate the sanitizer in your handbag? Luxe up your life! Out of the five color options two (Pink and Gold) are bright and “spring-like” in nature. Let this be an elegant twist on your spring fashion and wellness alike.

12oz Dispenser (Retail: $38-40): This is the HOT product you didn’t know you needed! It truly is #aesthetic, #goals and an Instagram essential. For those who know are aware of the importance of having a product that is *goals*. The color combinations are out of this world and spring forward. The contrast in bright colors with a black base make for the perfect product this spring!