Posted on by Kathrin Hendrix

Be prepared and be well with Germstar.

        For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere it has officially been Summer for a few weeks now! A season that is typically met with weekends down by the beach, bonfire nights and the heat. As we know, this summer is a bit different, but if you are going to enjoy your summer properly: sanitize and use SPF! Just as you would apply sunscreen daily, whether the sun is shining or not, the use of sanitizer should be treated with equal, if not more importance. Being aware of those pesky particles or airborne germs is crucial during this time, especially if one is to enjoy the sunshine over the next few months! Thankfully, when it comes to sanitizer, we have got you covered!

The Summer Scents (available for purchase on our store front)

          2oz Scented Sanitizer 25 Packs ($79)

          Whether you are on a vacation of simply going about your day, our 2oz        scented sanitizer will bring you closer to both cleanliness and your dream destination.

  • Tropical- Get swept away to your dream beach destination with our tropical 2oz sanitizer! Not only is it light, subtle, and beachy, but it will also leave your hands soft after repeated use!
  • Breeze- Bringing you closer to the dream of the ocean!
  • Refresh- A minty and delightful fragrance that will ensure even the skeptics they are getting the most out of their sanitizer!
  • Juicy- For the citrus lover who longs for everything in their life to feel fruity, fresh, and moisturized!

          Luxe Hand Sanitizer & Refills ($10 each)

         Our Luxe line of products is the fusion of sanitizer and a luxury perfume like-scent and appearance. The sleek applicator and easy to use refill bottles are more than just a sanitizer, they are an accessory to cleanliness.

  • Pink/Adore- fruity and feminine all while smelling like your favorite candy shop!
  • Silver/Aqua- a fresh and light fragrance that reminds one of a cool, summer breeze by the ocean!
  • Gold/Aqua- a fresh and light fragrance that reminds one of a cool, summer breeze by the ocean!