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An Introduction into Wellness with Germstar       

It’s so easy to get caught up in New Year’s resolutions and forget about simple ways to stay healthy! The hustle and bustle of day to day activities can get in the way of maintaining health. That being the case, listed below are general guidelines that could help promote healthy, daily habits for the New Year.

Wash your hands. It seems redundant to say, but it is important to wash your hands when you do anything that requires cleanliness. For example, using the restroom, before you cook and anytime you feel a little sticky or nasty.

Now What?

Now let’s talk sanitizer; more specifically let’s talk our hand sanitizer and dispensers. Having a portable, easy to use sanitizer for times you can’t make it to the sink to wash your hands is essential. Every time you open a door, rest your hand on the escalator railing there is a chance to encounter germs you don’t want to meet. What is the point of all of this? Simple, to avoid germs! Avoidance is truly the key to remaining healthy through the rest of this chilly, illness-ridden winter season.

What to Buy

            Hand Sanitizers can feel sticky, dry out your hands, and in addition most hand sanitizers look boring. Not here at Germstar: Our sleek design and many color options make disinfecting fun and our proprietary formula will leave your hands softer than ever!

For Portable Use…

2oz Spray Bottle: Scented and colored or classic and equally as effective! This is the perfect hand sanitizer for kids and even yourself. TSA size approved and easy for on the go. Retails for $18/$20 for 6 pack and $59/$65 for 25 pack.  

15ml Luxe Hand Sanitizer: elegant, sophisticated and has the appearance of a high-end perfume or cologne with the scent to accompany. Retails for $10 (4oz Refills available for $10 as well)

For your Desk or Table…

16oz Pump Bottle: Similar style and ease as the 2oz with 14 more oz to use. Retail price for $33-$45 for 3 pack and $129-$159 for a pack of 12.

12oz Dispenser: A Germstar favorite! The color variety for this product is amazing AND it can be combined with any formula you choose. Truly the best deal in the bunch. Retails for $38 dollars (without formula).

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