Posted on by Kathrin Hendrix

            Germs are out on the hunt this Halloween—trick or treating for weak immune systems. From the cold weather, costume masks, and flu season germs, the candy bowl (or whatever delicious desserts) your neighbors decide to set out are a cesspool for germs. Kids and adults alike are stuffing their hands into these candy bowls that are germ-infested. It goes without saying there is no way to know what random stranger’s hygiene habits are. Whether or not they washed or disinfected their hands before going out on Halloween, how much candy they ate walking from house to house, it is time to take hygiene and germ defense into your own hands!


Tips and Tricks for Treating

  1. Sanitize! Sanitize! Sanitize! Don’t leave the house without your hand sanitizer. Especially if you have children do not forget to give them one as well.


  1. Establish healthy hygiene habits early on. If you do reach into the ever so tempting candy bowl, make sure you sanitize afterwards. Just beware that the candy, or other goodies you took, most likely have some ghoulish germs on them.


  1. If you have children sanitize them before yourself. Yes, it is good to teach them how to use the products and all, but as we know most children’s main priority while trick or treating is to accumulate as much candy as possible.


What to Use While Trick or Treating

  • Well, Germstar of course! Any of our portable, personal sanitizing products are perfect for the occasion.
  • We recommend the colorful 2oz scented spray bottles, as they are more easily seen in the darkness of the night. Not only for their practicality, but also the fun vibrant colors that children will love!
  • If you are looking for something that is more subtle, then we would suggest our 15ml Luxe hand sanitizer. It comes in a sleek, twist top bottle that mimics the scent of a high end cologne or perfume.