Posted on by Kathrin Hendrix

Valentine’s Day is meant to be fun! Whether you are celebrating with family, friends, or a significant other it is important to maintain healthy habits leading up to the holiday. Germs and other bacteria can get in the way of celebrating love. It is important to avoid illness to look and feel your best and that starts with wellness from within.

How to …be well

            The Center for disease control has advised people prevent getting sick around Valentine’s day by being heart-healthy, spreading love, not germs, being prepared for travel, eating well and many other general tips for wellness[1]. While Germstar products may not be able to take care of some of these advisory points we can help by “spreading love not germs” this February.

            First and foremost. Wash your hands with soap and water when necessary. It is important to keep clean and when you do not have access to soap and water, but feel the need to wash your hands, hand sanitizer is a great on the go option for germ avoidance! Secondly, be smart about what you encounter. If you ride public transportation be mindful of railings and different surfaces you hold onto. Should you find yourself at the grocery store and are using a cart, wipe down the cart handle with a disinfecting wipe (many grocery stores provide them) or disinfect after use. These are small habits that will keep you healthy and happy for Valentine’s Day whether you are celebrating with someone special, friends or loved ones.

It’s Pink, It’s Fun and It’s Perfect for Your Valentine.

          Our pink products make the perfect companion or stand-alone gift for your Valentine on February 14th

12oz Dispenser in Pink with White or Pink with Black: Not so into pink, but want to stay in the Valentine’s Day theme? Get Pink/Black for the edgy person in your life. The matte black makes for the perfect pairing to the translucent pink and for your partner or friend.

Pink Luxe Hand Sanitizer in Scent Adore: What screams Valentine’s Day more than a box of chocolates with a side of Adore? Nothing! The Pink Luxe is truly the definition of luxury meets germfree.

2oz Hand Sanitizer in Scent Pink: The Valentine’s Day gift for the kids! It has a xoxo art design on the bottle and is super easy to use! Throw it in their goodie bag with some candy and your kids will thank you later for the gift of wellness!


Whether you are in love or spending the day with friends, we hope you practice wellness this Valentine’s day!


[1] Center for Disease Control and Prevention. “Valentine’s Day Tips,” Web.