Posted on by Kathrin Hendrix

Do you wash your hands between cellphone uses?

If the answer is no, don’t worry you are just like the rest of us. This day and age people treat their cellphone as a fashion accessory. Its more common than not that people take their cellphones with them everywhere, including the restroom.  The reality is your smartphone has more germs and bacteria on it than a toilet seat. According to a professor at the University of Michigan, department of Public Health, most people touch their cellphones before washing their hands[1].  People are very quick to check their phones and text while using the restroom, which in turn makes the spread of germs easier and more rampant. Smartphones get passed around the table and are exposed to many sets of hands, ears and faces when in use. Exposure to these germs is easy as most people do not think of their cellphone as a “germ carrier”.

What can you do?

First and foremost, leave your phone in your purse or pocket while using the restroom. Sounds like common sense, of course, but guaranteed people will find themselves using their phones and simultaneously using the bathroom as well. The second solution is to find the right portable hand sanitizer that works best.

What product should you use?

8ml Pen Top

Perfect for your pocket, be it for a pant or t-shirt. Its appearance mimics a pen and therefore is slender and easy to use. Complementary to those who have a need for minimalism and easy on the go. Comes in Original, Noro, and Citrus formula.

2oz Spray Bottle

Same great formula with a variety of different scents and colors. Found with ease amongst the black hole that can become the inside of handbags, backpacks or briefcases. Highly recommended for travel as it is under the 3oz policy.


Where luxury meets germfree TM

For those who desire a more elegant, sleek design with the same great disinfecting formula, our Luxe line is the product for you! It comes in 5 different colors: gold with aqua scent, silver with aqua scent, black with noir scent, space grey with azure scent, and pink with adore scent.

Stay Clean and …be well. 



1 Abrams, Abigail. “Your Cellphone is Ten Times Dirtier Than a Toilet Seat. Here’s What to do About It,” TIME. 23 Aug 2017. Web.