Posted on by Kathrin Hendrix

Which Sanitizer is Best for You?

The official Germstar product quiz to best fit your sanitizing needs!

What do you look for in a hand sanitizer?

  1. Long Lasting Fragrance
  2. Kills Germs
  3. Aesthetic/Appearance
  4. Bottle Size

What kind of scent do you look for?

  1. Floral and Fruity
  2. Tropical
  3. Earthy and Woodsy
  4. No Scent

When do you use hand sanitizer the most?

  1. Travel
  2. Home
  3. Public Transport
  4. Work

How often do you need a refill?

  1. Every other month. I sanitize when it’s appropriate.
  2. I barely use my sanitizer, but like having one in case someone asks me for some.
  3. I go through sanitizer like its water. Germs are everywhere and it’s always flu season.
  4. It sits on my desk and I keep refills in my drawer.

What is your favorite color scheme?

  1. I mirror my aesthetic to the spring season.
  2. I don’t have one. What does this have to do with sanitizer?
  3. Bright colors! They inspire my mood.
  4. I never wear color.



If you answered mostly A’s…for the on-the-go nonstop traveler in you, we suggest picking up a luxe sanitizer product. It is perfect for your handbag and suitcase. Looks chic and has a long-lasting fragrance that smells fantastic no matter which color you select.

If you answered mostly B’s…for the novice hand sanitizer user, we suggest starting out with our original formula! Depending on how you plan on introducing your sanitizing habit it might be best to start out with the 8ml pen and work your way up!

If you answered mostly C’s…we recommend the 2oz bottle! It comes in a 6 or 25 pack (in case you run out and need more). It also comes in a variety of colors and formulas to appease your taste.

If you answered mostly D’s…we recommend the 12oz dispenser or our 16oz! It is office friendly and takes up little space on a desk. Perfect for personal use or to share with friends/coworkers.