Posted on by Kathrin Hendrix

If the past few years have taught us anything, it is that the world is a place filled with unclean surfaces. More than ever before people are in need of sanitizer. When selecting which product to use it is important to know what is in your hand sanitizer. 

Hand sanitizer is an everyday essential in an increasingly germ-conscious world. Especially, when soap and water might not be accessible. But it's crucial to remember: not all sanitizers are created equal. Your skin, the largest organ on your body, absorbs everything you apply topically. In order to preserve the good bacteria and prevent 99.99% of germs it is essential that the ingredients in your sanitizer are functional and clean. The sanitizer you use should help to sustain a healthy microbiome on your skin - as well as healthy skin tone and texture.

Understanding Sanitizer Ingredients

Many companies add fillers, dyes, and harsh chemicals to their products to enhance their appeal to consumers. This doesn't equate to better sanitation or skin health. It's vital to read the labels to thoroughly understand what is in your sanitizer.

Avoid the following ingredients. These harsh chemicals can have negative side effects on your body and immune system:

  • Triclosan
  • Benzalkonium Chloride
  • Phthalate
  • Parabens
  • Glycols
  • Chloride
  • Formaldehyde carriers
  • Dyes
  • Methane
  • And other common allergens

The safest sanitizer formulas ideally have a short ingredient list and are FDA registered. Germstar’s hand sanitizer formulas keep your hands germ-free, moisturized and have minimal ingredients. Additionally, Germstar formulas are free from harsh chemicals and dyes that can irritate your skin.

Fragrance: A Subtle Factor

Fragrance in hand sanitizers is not just about smelling good; it also contributes to an overall better user experience. If you're someone who uses hand sanitizer frequently, a pleasant fragrance will make you that much more excited to sanitize. 

Germstar formulas come in a variety  of fragrances to choose from, such as Original, ONE, Citrus, Tropical, Juicy, Pink, Breeze, and Refresh . Each scent is unique and therefore creates an individual experience for every consumer. From a light citrus to a subtle mint fragrance and everything in between, there is a scent for everyone. 

Germstar Formula Scents & Their Ingredients:

Original: Active Ingredient:70% Isopropyl alcohol 

Inactive Ingredients: Water, Emollient Complex, Mint Fragrance

One: Active Ingredient: 63% Ethyl alcohol 

Inactive Ingredients: Water, Isopropyl, Emollient Complex, Mint Fragrance

Citrus: Active Ingredient: 63% Ethyl alcohol 

Inactive Ingredients: Water, Isopropyl, Emollient Complex, Citrus Fragrance.

Final Thoughts

Germstar is a pioneer in gentle and safe hand hygiene. Our sanitizer formulas, unlike sticky gel and foam sanitizers, leave your hands feeling clean and moisturized. 

Shop wisely, read those labels, and let Germstar provide the ideal sanitizing solution for your needs.

Always remember, hand sanitizer is a valuable tool for maintaining hand hygiene, but it's not a replacement for washing your hands with soap and water. Use it responsibly, especially when soap and water aren't readily available, and stay confident and germ free. 

Germstar is an FDA registered product.